Membrane Bio Reactor Process (MBR)

X-Flocs operates on the principle of biological/ bacterial treatment. Raw untreated wastewater is sent to X-Flocs reactor using a pre filter screen to prevent any larger debris, plastics etc clogging the reactor . X-Flocs module is a bio reactor fitted with necessary air diffuser and filtration membrane with a pore size ranging from 0.1 micron to 0.06 micron. Residence time of waste water within the reactor is controlled by drawing rate from the membrane module. Treated water is drawn from the reactor using suitable pump. As the pore size of the membrane is too small to allow any bacteria or other contaminants to pass through, the treated water at the outlet of the membrane is clean with reduced organic content. This water is thereafter is dosed with necessary chlorine and sent for eventual reuse or discharge.



  • Sewage Treatment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plants
  • Compac Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Food industries


  • Better COD/BOD reduction compared to ASP, MBBR, FAB and others
  • Lower sludge production
  • Higher nutrieAn removal compared to convhAnional process
  • Lower footprint
  • Better Treated Water Quality

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