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Albion has a focus on healthier and Greener tomorrow. The result of many man years of sweat and toil has ripened into an objective “Mission with a Vision”. In an age where technology is the key competitive advantage, Albion has carved a niche for itself.

Challenges for Today India

Water is a precious resource, yet less than 5% of India’s urban and industrial wastewater is recycled. Water recycling is a socially, environmentally and economically viable solution to help utilize our water resource more efficiently.

Recycling Our Water Can Offer Substantial Benefits to Our Society Including

⦁ Reduction of nutrient and contaminant loads into oceans and rivers
⦁ Providing more drinking quality water for domestic uses by substituting drinking quality water with recycled water for irrigation of agricultural crops and amenity horticulture
⦁ Reducing demand and stress on freshwater resources such as the groundwater and rivers by providing alternative water supplies.
⦁ Provide Recycling water can save the water for future world

There May Also be Benefits to Agricultural and Amenity Enterprises Through

⦁ Guaranteed water supply
⦁ Supply of water quality underpinned with a comprehensive water quality assurance program
⦁ Security for investment in agricultural enterprises
⦁ Recycling of valuable nutrients

Challenge for Conventional Government Water Recycling Plants

⦁ Centralized nature of treatment With increase in Sewage generation,
⦁ Centralized plant have Zero scope of capacity expansion
⦁ Difficulty to meet existing norms due to every increasing complexity of Sewage Increasing issue of Sludge Management and disposal
⦁ High foot print of conventional technology, limiting scale of new plant
⦁ Limited water reuse scope with poor output quality

Client Review

The service and commitment towards there clients is exceptional. You add value to our environment. Together,
let us scale new heights and make impossible possible.

Mr. Manjeet Juneja

Unit Head (Unit-6)

Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
Accurate Quality of Product and Strong Service team

Mr. Piyush Nemani

Founder & Director

Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.
Along with the quality of products, ALBION team always works keeping Client’s requirement and its precision need at upmost level. Proved and thus thanks for giving sustainable way.

Mr. Dhruv Parikh

Founder & Director

Parikh Developers (Mumbai)

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