AFM® (Activated Filter Media)

AFM® is quite simply the most efficient granular filtration medium available on the market. It is highly engineered to give optimum mechanical filtration performance in a range of industrial and municipal water filtration applications. AFM® replaces sand in all filtration applications and can be used in a conventional sand filter without modification. Filtration up to 1micron can be achieved without micron filtration.


  • Pre Treatment Prior to Membranes (RO / UF Plants)
  • Removal of Arsenic, Ferric and Manganese
  • Cooling Tower side-stream filtration
  • Tertiary Treatment of effluent
  • Swimming Pool Filtration System
  • Corporation Water Supply
  • Lake Filtration & River Water Filtration
  • Aquaculture (High TDS Water) Pre Filtration


  • AFM® is a direct replacement for sand in any type of sand filter
  • Reduces backwash water demand by an average of 50%.
  • Will not support Bacterial growth (Fouling)
  • Increase the life of Membranes (RO / UF)
  • Substantially reduces product water oxidation demand.
  • Have Life span up-to 14 years
  • Has more than double the fine particle retention performance of any other media
  • Has an engineered, activated surface to adsorb fine particles including specific priority substances, heavy metals and metalloids including arsenic.
  • Resists biological fouling and prevents resultant channelling.
  • Provides quick return on investment, usually less than 2 years on water consumption alone.
  • Has a life cycle more than 4 times longer than sand.
  • Is certified ISO 9001: – 2015, ISO 14001 & 18001 standards & is certified HACCP NSF50 & for drinking water use under European DWI Reg 31 & NSF61.

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