Swimming Pool Pipeless Filter

Swimming Pool Pipeless filters from Octopus are wall hanging Swimming Pool filters that require no piping and no plumbing to be done. They can be installed on new pools as well as existing swimming pools without any pipelines.



Dimension 1110 x 670 x 780mm
Flow Rate 10m3/H – 15M3/H
Voltage 220V/50Hz or 60Hz
Pricision of Filtration Bag 5µ (1W + 1S)
Operation Noise 50Db
Material FRP
Installation Wall Mounting
Filteration Pump 1 x 1 HP
Light 1 x LED 10W
Swim Jet 1 pcs
Suction Nozzle 1 pcs
Air Mixer Valve 1 pcs
Color Aqua Blue / Ivory / Aqua Marine


  • Compact & Space Saving
  • No External Pipeline Require
  • No Require to Damage the Civil Work
  • Very Fast to Fit & Maintain
  • Cost Saving
  • Wall hanging design and easy installation
  • No pump room required
  • Heavy Duty , Long Life and noise less
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • All Spare Parts Available

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